Monday, September 22, 2014

Desert X Sea

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Outfit Details
Concho Belt- Vintage, Etsy
Jewelry- Assorted, mostly vintage

How gorgeous are these photos by Kelly Martucci?  She is just so great at capturing natural elements and always makes me feel like a total babe.  One of her photos she took of me was featured on the Free People Tumblr this week and we are very happy about it!  I'm going to post her instagram username on my home page so you guys can follow her!

This skirt and my love for Spell Designs and Free People should speak for itself.  I love when they do pieces exclusively for FP because not only do I have to wait less time to get my hands on a piece (their items ship from australia)  but it always has that FP touch I adore.  I want it in every color. The slits are high so that the skirt moves beautifully and is perfect for these hot Florida days.  I don't think we will be getting fall any time soon but I want it!



Photos by Kelly Martucci
Instagram- @kellymartucci


  1. Love these photos! You ladies are both amazing and you are always a total babe.

    xoxo Sara

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