Friday, March 6, 2015

It's a Wild World

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Outfit Details:
Dress: Wild World Mini
Sunglasses: Goodnight Moon Sunglasses
Necklace: Outlaw Necklace

Hey guys!  So sorry for my short hiatus.  I was in South Beach last week training for Free People and had no time to shoot and no photographer anyways!  I found that I felt empty without a post, so I got with Kelly ASAP and of course we end up at an RV park.

While I was in South Beach I picked up a few new pieces that I am just in love with.  This dress instantly caught my eye when we walked in to the store for training and I bought it on my first day there.  It's an effortless statement piece that I seem to continue layering with accessories and it still ends up looking damn good.  The sleeves are very open and it has a tie in the back so you can decide how you want it to hang.  The perfect summer boho dress.

As for these glasses, you guys already know how much I love the 70's and I feel like these bad boys were made for me.  I'm a sunglasses fiend but I feel like we will be seeing these in many more posts to come.

I may not have a whole lot to post this week or next, since we are in the process of opening my Free People store here in Jacksonville, Florida but I promise to make a post about the opening process and I will have plenty of new clothing once it's open and I can get back to it!!!



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