Sunday, March 15, 2015

Night Moves

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Outfit Details:

Warm weather is here in Florida and I am in bliss. To transition in to this growing heat I've invested in my new found love, the caftan. I'm extremely enthralled with the flowing shapes and 1970's prints I've been finding online and in the vintage ones I find at thrift stores. I've also brought my tall black gladiator sandals back to life and I now need a pair in every color. Being a boot girl, I find it difficult to find any other shoe I truly love that can keep my southwestern vibe through all seasons. It's just so hot here now that boots aren't always an option and these are the perfect alternative.

 Kelly, my lovely photographer and best friend has been doing a lot of night shoots lately with summer flare so of course I had to get in on it. I love how almost "not pretty" these are. This is me, raw and real hanging by the pool before a night dip. This outfit will probably be the standard for me for the rest of my summer nights this year. I'm so glad that winter is over!!!


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