Friday, August 7, 2015

No Rest for the Rad

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Outfit Details

Late Nights and Whiskey Tee
Melia Striped Briefs
Matador Hat
Freeway Chelsea Boot

Grocery Bag Tank
Alexa Chung for AG Skirt
Freeway Chelsea Boot

There's nothing in this world like a good graphic tee, and might I just say that Top Knot Goods has some of my favorites.  The graphics are unique and not overdone, and tees are so perfectly soft!  You can get them in either a Tee or a Tank and the sizes are Unisex.  I feel like this Grocery Bag Tank that states "No Rest for the Rad" perfectly sums up my life lately.  I've been all over the place between work and friends and working on spreads for a couple of magazines that I've barely had time to blog, but finally here I am!  I have a few shoots lined up for the next couple of weeks so hopefully I won't have another lull.  Also look for a spread Kelly and I did for Local Wolves Mag in their upcoming Self Love Issue!



Photos By: Kelly Martucci

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