Friday, January 30, 2015

Almost Famous

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Outfit Details:
Top: Vintage
Jacket: Faithful Shaggy Jacket- Free People
Necklace: Love + Leather
Jeans: Gypsy Denim Bellbottoms- Pylo

Nothing makes a girl feel more bad-ass than a pair of high rise, perfectly vintage washed, bellbottom jeans.  I finally found my perfect pair and I can't even begin to explain how perfect they are.  Pylo is a wonderful company with a "find your fit" option for jeans.  Basically you pick out a pair, pick two sizes to try, they charge you for one yet send you both and you send back the size that doesn't fit!  It's the answer to shopping for jeans online.

I was actually at this location this morning to style someone else, and those pictures came out wonderful but I was loving my outfit and the location all together so I had the photographer snap some of me as well.  I find it so hard to not want to jump in front of the camera when I'm styling!  I'm glad I did.



Photo's By: Kelly Martucci

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