Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer State of Mind


Outfit Details:
Melia Striped Brief
Halter Leotard
Shirt: Vintage
Sunglasses: Vintage

Over the past few weeks my heart has been growing full of Summer ideas.  I'm going to paint longboard skateboards with my room mate to cruse down A1A, work harder on my fitness and eating right, and make sure to discover uncharted land.  That's what Kelly and I did this week.  Florida is known for it's beautiful springs, and I've been going since I was a kid but there are so many to explore!  Kelly had never been so we took the opportunity (and rarity of us both having a day off together) to go on an adventure!  The Spring was absolutely breathtaking.  

For the shoot we decided to go with 1970's vacation.  I feel like my shorts get shorter and shorter as the heavy heat approaches.  I'm absolutely in love with these briefs though!  So retro and amazingly comfortable.  After getting them wet they didn't even stretch out.  I'm sure we looked crazy walking through the woods with our hawaiins on, but it didn't matter.  We had an amazing day and to date one of my favorite shoots.  Get in your Summer State of Mind everyone!

Photo's by: Kelly Martucci

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